Format : 16 x 24 cm
Pages : 198 pages
Parution : Juin 2008
ISBN : 978-2-35485-034-0

Values and consciousness, a turning point in management

Romary Sertelet

Today, managing a company no longer consists of only considering the economic parameters, provided that these only criteria ever prevailed.

To manage is to integrate each employee with his difference, free his potential to get him involved, to give him a sense of responsibility, and turn him into a participant in the company. But how can you get others to subscribe to your values? How can we help to develop the behaviours of the participants in the company? How can completeness be created around a corporate culture?

The author, who long thought about the role of the values in the functioning of organisations and set up real strategies in the factories that he managed, gives here the result of his thoughts and of his experience. He analyses, today, in an economically, socially and politically tense context, the importance of setting up a management policy based on human values as a token of competitiveness and success. He shows what means he used to get his staff to subscribe to his values, to develop their involvement and to make failing businesses competitive again.

As for the author, improving the image of the human dimension and giving a sense of responsibility and fulfilment are the essential conditions to customer satisfaction, the profitability and the permanence of the company. This book is aimed at company leaders, executives and human resources managers, students in business school, and more widely to any person confronted to people management.  

Romary Sertelet

Romary Sertelet, former student of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Métiers, dedicated the first twenty years of his career to companies linked to the metal industry. He was entrusted with his first factory to manage at the age of thirty. Today, he works for an international group.  

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